Tricky Cups

How to play

The game consists of nine levels, containing three cups and a white and a black ball. Before playing, determine the stake, confirm it with the PLAY button. Select the cup under which you think the ball is hiding. If you find a ball under the cup, you won the prize, which depends on the colour of the ball and the level of play. After each successful discovered ball, you can finish the game and payout the winnings won by then, or continue to the next level.

If you do not find a ball under the cup at an individual level, the game is over and it is not a winning one.

The value of the winnings is the product of the factors determined by the colour of the balls in each of the successfully completed stages and the stake.

Factor table

Level Factors
White ball Black ball
1 0,90 2,00
2-9 1,00 2,00