Lost World

How to play

Before starting the game, use the left and right arrows to select the stake and confirm your choice by pressing the PLAY key.

At each of the game levels (five levels) select your symbol (there are seven different symbols in the set), then confirm your choice with clicking on the selected symbol.

After selecting and confirming the symbol, winning symbols are revealed at the current level of the game. If at least one winning symbol matches your chosen symbol, you are entitled to a prize, shown in a table (the more symbols you match, the higher is the prize). In this case, you can continue playing the game on the next level, or by pressing the COLLECT button, finish the game and pay out the prize won by then to your gaming account.

If no winning symbol matches your chosen symbol at the chosen level, you will lose prize won by then.

Factor table

level factor for number of symbols found on each level
  1 sym. 2 sym. 3 sym. 4 sym. 5 sym.
level 1 1,50 2,00 4,00 20,00 300,00
level 2 1,50 3,50 10,00 100,00
level 3 2,00 6,00 20,00  
level 4 3,00 13,00  
level 5 7,00