Aztec Temple

How to play

Before you start playing, select the stake and the number of games you want to play and press the “Play” button.

The game has four columns with three boxes, each containing 10 different symbols (7 different playing symbols; the symbol “bonus game”; the symbol “X” representing increased winnings; and the “lucky symbol” (Aztec motif), which, in the winning combination, replaces any other symbol. After confirming the purchase, symbols will be displayed in all fields. If one and the same playing symbol appears in each of the four columns (in the winning combination, each symbol may be replaced by the “Aztec” symbol) represents the winning combination (in the case of multiple symbols, the number of winning combinations of the symbol is equal to the product of appeared same symbols in each of the columns).

If a “bonus game” symbol appears in the game, you have an additional game played inside the existing game. If the game does not contain a winning combination, it is not a winning game.

The value of the winnings

The value of the winning combination of each symbol represents the product of the stake and the winning combination factor of that symbol. The value of the winnings in a single game is equal to the sum of the values ​​of all the winning combinations, multiplied by the factor shown, if a winnings symbol appears. The total prize is equal to the sum of winnings won in that same game.

Factors table
Symbol type
Factor of winning combination 500,00 40,00 8,00 3,00 1,50 1,00 0,20